2 months

Really? Has it been this long since I updated my site, or even posted a blog? Well I have a very good excuse… Really.

A shortish version of that excuse is as follows: I bought a new Solid State Drive to help improve my PC’s performance, especially with regards to speed. Got it. Put it in. set it up. Boom. Much better. Then I decided to over-clock my CPU (do a Google search if you not sure what that means) Pushed it to a lusty 3.6Ghz. All good? I wish. I may have done a blog on it or mentioned it somewhere else before, but I installed a custom water cooled set up on my pc. This included a 3.25” water pump/reservoir combination. The pump had packed up. This caused the CPU to overheat and thus a 24 hour period where I thought the CPU was fried. Luckily it wasn’t Anyway, sent the pump back and decided to do a few case upgrades in the way of cutting a side window and redoing my water cooled set up. I waited 3 weeks before getting a response (once I had chased them for it. Talk about customer service) from the water cooled suppliers. Due to past problems, my item, which was still under warranty, cannot be replaced, as they have discontinued the item. Refund. Spoke to a buddy (here is a free plug for him) at Yoyotech computers in London and he hooked me up with a dual bay reservoir, a top spec pump and for good measure, I decided to change up my RAM to 24 gigs, faster chips. WOW. What a difference This pc cuh-rooooses now.

And that’s my excuse.

Other than that, the website will actually be down for a few days to a couple of weeks. I am wanting to revamp it and add a whole bunch of new items. Also, I would like to re-stamp all my older images with my new logo and make everything all very pretty for you all.

Shoots have been few and far between, as far as models are concerned. But other shoots, sports, creative, arty types… Well, you can probably expect to see all of those with the relaunch of the new look site.

Have yourselves a great and super productive week.

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