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Pimped Jetta

So, things in my life have been turned completely upside down recently. I may (or may not) have mentioned that I was to start a new job. It was the exact same line of work as what I was doing at my previous job, a refrigeration engineer. The new company made all these positive pitches, like; “We offer training where needed. We have supervisors in place should you get stuck on a job you can’t quite sort out yourself. Overtime is available and hours per week is flexible. etc etc…” To good to be true???

Well, it turns out that it was. And it should have occurred to me from the very beginning. I left home @ 6:30am to catch the train to get the the station in Horsham, where they were supposed to collect me, for my induction. And… They forgot me. I had to ring the recruitment agent and ask him to give my new employer a call, reminding them that I was starting work with them on that day. From there, it only got worse. I was given an old clapped out vehicle, no tools as they were on “order” and had to follow/drive around with a senior engineer, who had only been employed with the firm 2 weeks longer than I was.

None the less, I carried on doing as I was told, trying to learn the system and PC log ins to collect jobs on site, paperwork and all that was required.

On Friday, on my 5th day of employment, I get a call from the manager of the Horsham branch, where I was employed. Nice guy. Young. His father is the main guy on the firm. Hell, the company is even named after their last name. So, he rings me up sounding all subdued.

Me: “Hi ‘Scott’ (not his real name) How you doing? You orite?”

Scott: “Hi Alexis. Uhm… No. I dunno how to say this… And he mumbled on about a few things which I struggled to hear”

Me: “So Scott, what are you telling me? That I’m out of a job?”

Scott: “Well, yeah. Unfortunately you are. But we will keep you on until you find a replacement job. And more blah blah…”

Can’t recall too much of what else was said. But the bottom line was that I get offered this “wonderful” new exciting experience and then have it snatched right out from under me. Turns out, in my opinion, its not at all what they said it was anyway.

And, that’s where I am at the moment. It has completely taken the wind out of my sails. Been doing job hunting all week. Applying online, emailing some of the bigger companies directly, even took today off for some more job hunting and dealing with recruitment agencies. Not looking so promising at the moment. And the offers I am getting are not confidence inspiring at all. Get a trade they said. Its something to fall back upon they said. What they didn’t say is that tradesmen get RAPED with their salaries, the hours they are expected to work and with the work that they want to get done, in the time frame they want it done.

Well, enough of that moaning I guess. For now that is… It’s my site, my blog. I will cry if I want too…

We watched the movie Project X a few weeks back and fuck me… It got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Just remembering the old days. The good old days. No worries. No stresses. No pressures. Just parties and woman…

I found this 29 minute youTube video/tune of music from the movie. I even saved the link as a desktop shortcut so that I could play and listen to in the background. Guess what… It’s playing now. Full blast for Friday. Fuck work. 2 middle fingers up and standing here; Fuck you life. You won’t defeat me.

Ok… A little dramatic, but that’s just me.

You may (those that actually read this stuff) have noticed with this blog entry, that I have changed up the format slightly. I have gone with a more traditional blog styled.. uh… style.

Let’s see what else I can find or add to entertain ya’ll…

Canon Camera Fucked

Don’t worry folks… No one panic. It’s only a Canon. (JKidding)

Pimped Jetta

This is a Jetta 4. I have the UK version which is called a Bora. Same colour too. Its comfortable, has 150bhp and gets the job done. (If I had my way and my wife agreed, I would have bought the Honda Civic Type R, but she said no, coz it’s a waste as we only use the car on weekends. Hate it when she is right.) I just saw this pic and it made me miss my car pimping days. Large rims, droppped to the ground. Body kit. Subwoofers. In dash TV… Yeah boyee.

Zeus Tattoo

Have been toying with the idead of having a portrait done on my back, right shoulder as my sleeve tattoo finishes. This is a wicked portrait of the Greek God Zeus.

Ok well… I’m not 100% happy with how this blog is being displayed. I wanted to change it… But going to leave it as it is for now and then hit up the new web design build prolly sometime this weekend.

Stay safe playas…

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