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What’s been going on party people? Not a lot on this side, as per usual. Things with camera have been dreadfully slow. So slow as a matter of fact that I have forgotten how to take a photo. “What does this button do? – DeeDee from Dexters Laboratory”

Work, my full time “job” has been somewhat up and down. It’s that time of year when things get really quiet and we end up sitting around a lot of the time with nothing to do. It has also been freezing lately, which, along with the sun setting around 4pm, does not make for a happy Mr Lex.

On the plus side, with the new job, when we are quiet, I do not leave the house, until the office calls to give me a job to go to. As a result, most of Thursday and all of Friday was spent in doors.

Yes, most of Thursday. They decided that it would be a good idea to get me out the house for a job that literally took 5 minutes to diagnose, unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools (long story) nor the replacement components to complete the job.

Bowens 400/400In other news, I attempted to purchase a set of 400/400 Bowens studio strobes but unfortunately it was not meant to be. So it has been put in the back burner for the time being.

But hopefully they will be mine someday.

I need to increase my lighting and my power. The continuous lights that I have just cannot do the job and the off camera flash (Nikon SB 700 with shoot through brollie) has it’s limitations as well.

After all… The word photography literally means “light” I have noticed in some of my other past photo shoots that due to the lack of natural light and the off camera flash not providing enough “ooomph” I increase my ISO and tend to get some noise when the photos are blown up.

It could also be a limitation of the Nikon D90’s sensor capabilities, but alas, if I can’t afford a pair of decent strobes right now, there is no way I could afford the D800.

“Why not go for the D600 then?” you ask? There have been a few dust issues of late and it doesn’t inspire too much confidence in the item. No, I’m not slating Nikon products by any means. I just feel that if and when I do upgrade, it will be to the D800. Hell… I would even take a decent second hand D700. But second hand equipment is a conversation for another day.

I have been looking at getting a sling type shoulder strap for my camera. This allows for the camera to hang by your side and then be accessed quickly with out the strap getting tangled and what not. There are a few products out there that could get the job done nicely. But, being a cheap ass and a D.I.Y type of photographer, before I even did a web search to see what other options there were available or how other togs have made D.I.Y kits, this is what I came up with.


Now, this was never meant to be a Tutorial, so don’t expect too much detail. But here is a quick look at the version of what I ended up with, as a home made C-Loop Sling Shoulder Strap.

1: Items I used/tested. My old Nikon standard camera strap. Took apart an old cheap tripod head for the 1/4″ screw as it had a C-Loop grip thing to be able to tighten/loosen. But never ended up using it. Found a 1/4″ screw from an old Ikea item. This screw works well as it has a big flat head, with no sharp edges.

2: Next, I sowed the two ends of the straps together, making sure that the strap wasn’t twisted. I give it about an inch. Once the two ends were firmly together, I took a sharp blade and made a small slice down the middle.

3: I then pushed the Ikea screw straight through and used a lit candle to fuse together the fibres from the strap, to make a “solid” hole for the screw to pass through and to prevent the strap from fraying. (Please note, you do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for you or anyone else burning your fingers, camera or house down. If you need help, find an adult or keep a fire extinguisher handy.)

4: The end result. Yes, the screw is too long and I had not cut it yet. I just wanted to show you what it looks like when it was done. I found the screws Allan key and keep it carried in my pocket or camera bag to ensure the item is secured. (I would hate for it to come undone and have my camera fall. Once again, you make this “product” at your own risk.)

And that’s basically it. When I get down to cutting the screw and finishing it off, probably later today, I will post some pics, maybe… If I am “brave” enough, a quick video.

Yes, there are other ways of doing it. I have since researched other D.I.Y tips and ideas for creating a similar result. But this has worked for me for now.

Bedroom ShowerRecently, I have been looking and dreaming more and more about my future house. And I came across this photo. How is this not the most perfect set up? Especially for someone like me that has major problems getting up in the morning.

Just picture it: Alarm clock goes off. Get up. Stumble across the room to turn it off. Stand there contemplating getting back into bed. Instead, stumble straight into the walk in waterfall type shower and get your day off to a refreshing start.

Another way of looking at it would be, if my wife were to have a shower. I could just lay back in bed and enjoy the view 😉

But, in my head, on the other side of the photographer taking this image, would be the rest of the bathroom. 2 his and hers basins, which would be the next logical step after the shower. Brush your teeth. Do you make up and what ever your daily routine is. Exit the bathroom from the exit behind the photographer, straight into a walk in closet. Get dressed. And off you go to the kitchen for breakfast, before making your way to your extensive home studio to start work for the day.

Aaaaah… Dreams. They drive me bat shit crazy, yet give me a glimmer of hope. One day… One day.

And to finish off this incredibly chatty and long blog… Here are some awesome images of some gorgeous ladies. Try find the art in the image and not just drool over it 🙂

Girl BnW

Girl Camera


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