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Canon Camera Fucked

What’s news with you guys? What’s been going on? Not alot on this side. Confidence has been low of late. Don’t know if it’s the “new” job that I “no longer” have or is it just that time of the year? The moody cold winter blues.

You see, I hail from a costal town in South Africa, where sunshine and beaches were part of my very existence for 27 years, before relocating to merry old England. And around about everytime this year, for several months, I find myself going through a “down period” I haven’t touched my camera in a few months, my new job is leaving me earning way less money than my previous one, and I’m working longer hours. Haven’t been eating healthy, gym and running has been non existent for the last 3 weeks, so yeah… “Jolly good old time” all around. It’s dark by 4pm, it’s cold, during the day its grey and gloomy, getting up for work isn’t a chore. It’s a down right PG18 horror movie. Call it the Exorcist of waking up and trying to get myself together for another day in the Rat Race.

You want to know the problem with the Rat Race? That no matter if you win or lose, are in the lead or stone last…. You’re still a rat.

This is set to be one of the worst Xmas’s of my 33 years on this planet.

Oh well… Enough about my crap for now.


Grocery shopping would be way much more fun if if were done like this.

On a more positive note, I managed to muster up some motivation and finished a lingerie image that I had been working on/off for for the last 2 weeks. WOW. 2 weeks for one photo I hear you say? The reason for that is I never got a chance, YES, because of the stupid new job, to spend the time I wanted to on it.

But why 2 weeks? Basically, what I did with this image is created a new NOTES layer in Photoshop, then wrote a whole bunch on TO DO’s on that layer. Things like, straighten her head, fix the gap in her hair, fix the pillows etc etc. So there was some extensive work that went in to this one image. The reason behind this was that I wanted to learn more about photoshop and flex/stretch my skills to see what I come up with. Now if I could or deemed it worthwhile, I would show you what the original photo looked like before it was shoped. But I think that would be giving too much away. instead, just enjoy the image.


There was a fair bit of work that went into just this one photo, to try extend my Photoshop skills.

I have really tried to get more blogging done and it hasn’t gone so well as of yet. But I will do my best to get more written down. I am quite liking the new blog styled layout but it’s not forever as the new website layout is coming along quite nicely. No. No teasers or tasters. You will just have to wait and see.

And with that… I bid you all a fare “see you later” Have a great week ahead.


I though this was worth a giggle. “No. I don’t have anything against iPhones. I just think Samsung is better”

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