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London At Night

So, things with updating this website and blogging or updating more, for 2013, have not gone according to plan. Meh… Guess there is no one to blame but myself. But, that little moan is better left to a blog. I am actually here to update my portfolio. Ta-Da… Surprise. Surprise. Now, I’m not a big …



Several months ago, it snowed over in London, UK. I, unfortunately, had the pleasure of having to work. It was my shift for Stand By Duty for my full time job. (Yep. You guessed it. I’m not a full time tog) So, I thought to myself, if I have to ‘suffer’ and drive around and …

London Landscapes

London Landscape

There isn’t too much to tell about this short update. I was out and about in Central London with my camera. Also managed to gain access to a Penthouse building, which is where the Panorama image was taken. Hope you like these few photos.

Scenic in Australia

Scenic in Australia

It’s no secret that my wife and I are in love with Australia. We have been very patient with regards to our wanting to move over, permanently. But after this last holiday, we have found that patience is now wearing very thin. It’s not to say that we have anything against living in the UK, …

Day in Dungeness

Day in Dungeness, UK

I have been chatting, via email, to a fellow photographer from PureStorm, for a week or so. Talented photographer, nice enough guy and doesn’t mind sharing his knowledge. The more and more you get involved in photography, the more you find out how much of a “finicky” industry it can be. Lot’s of bitching and …

Random Landscapes

Random Landscapes

Once again… There was little real thought provoking inspiration into these landscape images. It’s more of a mixed bag with this one. The yellow daises in Kent area, to a few more of Zante and even a shot of the evening sky taken right from my bedroom window.

Landscape Zante


What can I say about this post? Not a lot really. It is less than a handful of landscape images, taken in Zante, again. From a gorgeous sunset, to a solo fisherman out on the vast ocean. I find it challenging sometimes to say what inspired me to take certain types of landscapes photos. A …