Once Upon A Time

So, my make up artist. Well, when I say MY make up artist, I mean a MUA that I have worked with on several occasions, was interested in doing a Fantasy Themed photoshoot. Having never done one before, I was more than keen. After all, what could possibly go wrong, with one male photographer, in the woods, along with several models, all wearing costumes and make up.

Keep your minds out the gutter. I may not be a professional photographer, but I operate on a professional level.

The shoot went really well, I thought. And we got some good photos, up until it started raining. For those who don’t know… Photography equipment usually is not water proof.

None the less… We cracked on and got the job done. Here is the result. Hope you enjoy.

If you wish to make contact with Katy, the MUA, her website can here found here, by click THIS button.


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