London At Night

So, things with updating this website and blogging or updating more, for 2013, have not gone according to plan. Meh… Guess there is no one to blame but myself. But, that little moan is better left to a blog. I am actually here to update my portfolio. Ta-Da… Surprise. Surprise.

Now, I’m not a big landscape photographer. That’s not to say I do not enjoy it or admire other photographers work, but I just find it a little boring at times. Personal preference I guess. That is, until I got told I could use a prime location for some landscape shots of London’s Trafalgar Square. When I say prime location, I mean a Penthouse Suite of a multi story building. So I jumped at the opportunity.

But how would I make these photos stand out? I know… A night time shoot. Nothing brings out London quite like London at Night.

And these were some of the results…

Hope you like and enjoy.

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