Anna Ludwiczak

Wow. I had not realised that it has been such a long time since upgrading my site or posting new photos. My sincere apologies.

Now with that out of the way, this is the Lovely Anna, and thie the story of our shoot.

I had a studio booked for 4 hours, 2 models, and a Make Up Artist. It was going to be a great day indeed. But, it got off to a rocky start. Less than 12 hours before the shoot, a received a text from the Make Up Artist, she had to cancel due to last minute obligations. This was unfortunate and I was fuming, mostly as the MUA was supplying the second model, but none the less “the-show-must-go-on”

I collected Anna the following day from Canary Wharf and off we went to the studio. It took about 45 minutes to set up the backdrop, my studio lights and off camera flash etc. But once we got shooting, I completely forgot about the last minute cancellations. Anna was amazing to shoot. She did all her own hair and make up to top quality results, and not to mention her poses.

She told me in the beginning; “Don’t worry. You shoot. I pose” My initial reaction was; “Oooooook.” That was quickly replaced with; “Holy Cow.” Pose after pose, shot after shot, Anna was brilliant and pulled them all out of thin air.

I must’ve racked over 1000 images, easily. These are just a taste tester of what was done on the day. I am sure, when I get to editing more, there will be a post named Anna Part 2.

I highly recommend her and if would are a budding up-and-coming-photographer or a seasoned pro and would like to know more about potentially working with Anna, drop me an email from my Contact Page.

Peace out…

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