Ashley Photoshoot

This was Ashley. I have known her for about 4 years now. We first met through my job. I did the refrigeration at the supermarket where she worked. Anyway, one day we were chatting and I mentioned that I had just gotten into photography and was keen on attempting my first modelling photoshoot.

Ashley didn’t waste anytime in volunteering for the shoot. She had done some modelling in her teens and was keen to give it another bash.

So, we set up a meeting at my place. Now, I don’t have ANY space in the way of Studio Space. I ended up rearranging the entire kitchen, as it was the only place with the most natural light coming through. I had managed to get some height adjustable stands for nothing (not designed for back drops, but they did the job) I also bought a big white paper background and went about setting up the “mock” studio.

Ashley came round a few hours later and we got shooting. These are just a few images from that first shoot.

Bear in mind, these were done in photoshop, before I had absolutely any idea about Adjustments layers, High Pass filters, Clone stamp tool, Healing Brush, as well as before I had my Pen and Tablet. I’ve learnt alot more since then.

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