Karyns Photoshoot

And this, ladies and gentleman, was Karyn. She was my second photoshoot ever. I placed an advert online, and from the 30 or so responses that I received, she was one of the two that turned out to be genuine. The others were fakers or posers who and in my opinion they had no real desire to do the photoshoot, they just decided to waste my time.

So here is a tip for all you photographers or models starting out, create yourself a profile at a well known online modelling/photographer portfolio website. I’m not going to “plug” any at this moment in time, but a search in your favourite search engine would be a good place to start.

Karyn rocked up at my place, ready to shoot. We had a chat about what was expected and set out to do the shoot. This time around, I decided to turn our living room into the “studio”. Setting up the same backdrop, but this time, using less natural light and more artifical light, in the way of the living room lights and my off camera flash gun. I did not have a proper holder/tripod for the flashgun, so it was used with a Gorilla Grip. All you pro togs out there, I know what you’re thinking, but, you got to start from somewhere.

We actually shot for several hours, getting over 1000 images, which for me and my style of shooting, is a lot. In a 2 – 3 hour shoot these days, I usually only rack up around 300 images. This is mostly due to the fact that I am finding it easier and easier to achieve the looks I am going for.

Karyn was a pleasure to work with and it was a great learning curve for me. We still remain in contact and who knows, maybe she would be up for a shoot again in the near future.

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